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We take Chinese traditional virtues “people-oriented” for the purpose to provide quality and diverse selection of health products for you and your family.

High-Quality Milk Products

We control product quality at the strictest standard. All milk sources are from Australia, New Zealand or Netherlands. The entire production environment and procedures are in full compliance with FSSC 22000, HACCP and ISO 14644-1 standards.

We follow the people-oriented concept, combine the best R&D team, high-tech machinery and equipment, strictly controlled process and sophisticated quality inspection to develop the highest quality, safe and effective products. And we will constantly bring the world’s latest health trends to consumers.

Product Diversification & Innovation

We will move towards global corporate development, product/brand diversification and sales internationalization, push the safest, excellent and high-quality products to Greater China and Southeast Asia.

International Markets

Meanwhile, we have been actively exploring potential overseas markets, including Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand, the business development further towards internationalization.

Customer Trust

Today, our products have been trusted broadly by customers. The whole Fast Fame team has been very grateful for the support of our customers and merchants.

Social Responsibility

Continuation of the “people-oriented” concept, we have been actively working with community and charity groups, concerning about the needs of the elderly and rehabilitation parties regularly, organizing health workshops, festivals, activities, sharing knowledge and providing health care products sponsorship. Hope participants enjoy the health benefits of our products and also know how to start to build health and quality life.

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